Significance of a teddy bear???

Teddy Bears come in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t really count how they look like to me. What matters is how they appear to you or what they signify for you. It has something to do with feelings, either the situation you were in when you bought the bear (if you felt happy or sad) or the significance of the relationship to the person who gave the teddy to you (a boyfriend, child, parent, grandparent….).

Isn’t that why we love this special teddy bear so much?
From bears who visit our teddy bear hospital we know how much they mean to their owners. They have been part of their life for some time. They have been going on a journey with them through good and not so good times and some of them desperately need a bit of a facelift to carry on.
Some have been loved, some have been neglected some been insured by a dog but they all have a momentous relationship with their owner.

This is one of the reasons why so many people buy real mohair teddy bears nowadays. We have seen on shows like the Antique Road Show how much a famous old Steiff teddy bear could be worth. If we want to give a present to someone we usually like to make that present last a long time. Mohair teddy bears, made from the hair of the Angora goat are so durable they can last not just one generation but many.

I wish I still had a teddy bear from my mum or dad.
We like to encourage you to get out your favorite teddy bear and think what he means to you.
May be you like to share your story with us, we are looking forward to hear from you.