Dementia Slowly Forgetting

Dementia Slowly Forgetting

This is a subject so close to my heart, I could have never imagined before. It always was just a word, a word that frightens most of us. Because Dementia gets a person from deep inside, from their personality. Because we are frightened of it we should research about it even more. There is no cure yet but with medication and loving care we can help to stop the progress a bit. This means that
Bear Essentials Baby Grow

A True Story About A Girl

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Tessa. She was just about a year old. She was the happiest little girl during the day. She was full of smiles and laughter and took everything in around her with great interest. She loved the cats and dogs and enjoyed her brothers playing with her.
Felted Teddy Bear Family

Teddy Bear Hospital Advice

Plush animals, such as teddy bears, are often prized possessions. Children may carry the same teddy bear or plush with them their entire young life. Many adults, as many as half, may even retain their most treasured squishable friend from childhood as they grow and age. Unfortunately, as with anything made of fabric, teddy bears and other plush toys can wind up damaged through the course of daily life.
Alice's Bear Shop Teddy Bear Cobby

Alice’s Bear Shop Teddy Bears

Exciting things are happening this month. It is the relaunch of the famous storybook characters of Alice’s Bear Shop teddy bears in conjunction with Charlie Bears. More good news is that brand new characters are planned to be released in Springtime 2019. Who is behind the Alice’s Bear Shop Teddy Bear stories?
Bear Essentials Personalised Teddy Bears

Bear Essentials Personalised Teddy Bears

Bear Essentials Personalised Teddy Bears are such a lovely idea to mark special occasions because you want to remember them and cherished them forever. Here at Bear Essentials we are often asked if we can make Teddy Bears with the clothes from a loved one that has passed away. We appreciate that this is a very special request. Whilst we would not attempt to make a soft toy out of fabric from clothes nevertheless we can offer you to make clothes for a Teddy Bear instead.
Traditional Soft Doll Maker Kaethe Kruse

Traditional Soft Doll Maker Kaethe Kruse 

We are always intrigued by inspirational people especially inspirational women. A lot of inspirational women where game changers in their times. Traditional Soft Doll Maker Kaethe Kruse was one of them. Kaethe Kruse (Katharina Simon) was born on the 17th September 1883 in Breslau Germany. Like Margarete Steiff, who brought the first ever Teddy Bear to the market in 1902
Coupette Karl Lagerfeld

Steiff Teddy Bears Famous Owners 

We’re all used to seeing the rich and famous on covers of the glossy magazines, wearing their designer clothes, shoes, sunglasses, and carrying their designer handbags. The same can be said for Teddy Bears. They can be a wonderful accessory for young and old alike 
Irish Build Your Bear Birthday Party

Irish Build Your Bear Birthday Party

Irish Build Your Bear Birthday Party Would you like to have your very own Irish Build Your Bear Birthday Party at Bear Essentials? My little girl is now looking at her next celebration which will be her birthday. We’ve had the parties at home for many years.  We also had parties at  burger bars,

14th of February is Valentines Day

Valentine's Day has somewhere a connection with St.Valentines but I am not sure that many people make that connection at all. Even so it is celebrated in many countries it always seems to us more like a commercial idea. Not that there is anything wrong with spreading love, more the association between love and spending money on that day seems to be improper. What do you think?
Puppy Love

Teddy Peters Hospital Letter November 2017

My name is Teddy Peter. I am 34 years old and belong to Stacey, who has probably loved me a little too much! The Family got their first dog the beastly “Bonnie” four years ago, and I have suffered considerably ever since.