Why is teddy bear making so rewarding?

To design teddy bears and creating their own characters is just one way of expressing our creativity. Like an artist painting a picture or a potter building a vase it gives us the opportunity to invent, to form, to produce something new and unique. The innovative product is our reward and for me as a teddy bear artist the prize is that people like my creations and buy and collect them.

102_1630But a real thrill for me is when other people can experience the same then I do.

It is great when you can pass on your skills to people and it is exciting if they give you fine feed back on their experience.

A mum who took part in a course with her daughter wrote back to us with words like “We were impressed with our efforts” – “We were trilled and chuffed and didn’t think we had the confidence and skills to do such a great job.” Isn’t life to be there to experience it in full? To be able to do so we have to learn all the time and at all stages of our life.

This little girls is not even 6 years of age and embroidering her newly made teddy bears nose. And the boys get really enthusiastic about sewing. The ladies in the button picture show off their bears at a course I delivered in An Grianan in Co.Louth this August 2009.102_1554