Freezy Bear Winner 2010

Yes we have got a winner! We are delighted for Cavan Kids to adopt Freezy for Christmas and he will meet up with his old friend Leo. It is the entry who got the most public votes and this was their story:



teddy bears picnicEvery year we visit Anke at Bear Essentials! All of the Kavan Kids Montessori children visit and get to do lots of interesting things. This year we noticed a sad bear on the kitchen work top. Anke explained that Leo the Bear had been sent to South Africa to someone who had returned him. Leo was then left in the rain on Ankes door step and Ankes dogs ripped open his parcel and dragged him around. Leo did not want to go back to South Africa nor stay at Ankes. Anke asked Kavan Kids Montessori would we adopt Leo! We were all delighted! Leo now sits on a shelf in the Montessori looking after all the children here. He has come on Teddy Bear Picnics and has had a new Graduation Gown made to attend our Graduation. He sat proudly on the stage with all the children. Leo is now a happy Bear and is very much loved…..

CONGATULATION Cavan Kids Montessori!!!

Thanks to anyone who took part and we like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and hopefully there will be a little bear under your Christmas tree.