Steiff LogoSteiff Teddy Bears are made in Germany. The Steiff Teddy Bear has never lost his appeal and is of great collectible value. Did you know that the first ever Teddy Bear was made by Margarete Steiff in 1902? People buy a Steiff Mohair Teddy as an investment, especially the Mohair Bears. Mohair can stand the test of time. We recently had a Steiff Teddy Bear in our Teddy Bear Hospital. He was over 100 years old. The Steiff plush bears are of great value and suitable for little ones. Steiff Baby products state that they are independent tested. Furthermore they contain no allergenic or harmful substances. Margaret Steiff believed that “Only the best is good enough for our children” and so do we. We are stocking Steiff Teddy Bears since 2000. You will probably find the largest collection of Steiff Bears in Ireland with us.