Bear Essentials Personalised Teddy Bears

Bear Essentials Personalised Teddy Bears

Bear Essentials Personalised Teddy Bears are such a lovely idea to mark special occasions because you want to remember them and cherished them forever. Here at Bear Essentials we are often asked if we can make Teddy Bears with the clothes from a loved one that has passed away. We appreciate that this is a very special request. Whilst we would not attempt to make a soft toy out of fabric from clothes nevertheless we can offer you to make clothes for a Teddy Bear instead.
Coupette Karl Lagerfeld

Steiff Teddy Bears Famous Owners 

We’re all used to seeing the rich and famous on covers of the glossy magazines, wearing their designer clothes, shoes, sunglasses, and carrying their designer handbags. The same can be said for Teddy Bears. They can be a wonderful accessory for young and old alike 
Famous Teddy Bear Brands

Famous Teddy Bear Brands

Famous Teddy Bear Brands. Why are brands so important to our daily life? We do buy branded products all the time. Not just luxuries products but even our daily bread is branded. Why do we buy a particular product over another one? There are lots of reasons, taste, look, feel or identification with the brand value of a certain product.
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Bear Essentials bear featured in TV ad

Long after we had been approached by a researcher for this advertisement, we actually realised that our Bear was in it. Yes we just found out watching the advertisement on TV ourselves.
Over 100 Year Old Steiff Bear Restoration

Over 100 Year Old Steiff Bear Restoration

This post should really be called "A beautiful story" or "The big challenge" because it really wasn't just an over 100 year old Steiff Bear restoration. The story begun in August 2014 at our local Taste of Cavan event. We were holding a Build Your Bear workshop when Carmel arrived with a large bag holding a huge teddy bear that belonged to Richard, a relative of hers, living in London. Looking at the head, peeping out of the bag

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What my Teddy Bear means to me...

When we asked customers and friends what their bear means to them we got answers like...