A Teddy Bear for Christmas

teddy bearYes it is the time of the year again and Christmas is not far ahead of us. Even so the Irish summer days are still warm, the nights are creeping in a bit earlier every day.
A lot of us have different reasons why to think about Christmas already and not always in a warm, cosy, enjoyable way.  In challenging times, financial cuts or even job loss, the thought of Christmas especially Christmas Gifts might not be a joyful one. We worry about the money and that expenses have to be spread over several months.

But a gift to someone special could be prepared in a lot of different ways and should not be a struggle. If money is tied why not think about making a present yourself. Art & crafts is not just for the experienced, anyone can have a go at it. It could provide some enjoyment for you as a maker as well as for the receiver view Gingerbread House Making>>>
We here at Bear Essentials are specialised in teddy bear making and have launched this year our first “Little Rascal” craft kit so you can make your mohair teddy bear at home. To view our Bear Craft Kits click here>>> and it doesn’t have to be expensive.
Christmas also is the time for teddy bears and to make it easier for you to choose a teddy bear here are a view guidelines.
Think about whom is the teddy bear for? Do you want to give him to a baby, a child, a teenager or an adult?
Give it a thought why you are giving a teddy bear. Teddy bear are for comfort, company, reassurance, a teddy bear should make us smile, feel better and of course remind us of the person who gave him to us. But teddy bears are also a keepsake, a memento a token of something very special.
If you buy a teddy bear for a new born baby it has to be baby safe. Last year we launched Bobo Bear, and Bobo “My First Teddy” a bear made from 100% cotton, washable and huggable at the same time. My First Teddy

But a teddy for a baby doesn’t always have to come as a shape of a traditional teddy bear. Comforters made of cotton cloth with a bear head or animal head are ideal for babies needs to hold, to suck and to be reassured.

If you decide you want to give a teddy as a keepsake you have to know what fabrics can stand the test of times. Plush fabrics can last for several years depending of the quality but they might not see the arrival of the next generation. But even if they do they are not easily been repaired. The best results of restoring very old teddy bears we have her at our Teddy Bear Hospital is with Mohair teddy bears. Mohair teddy bears can last for a century as you probably know from watching bears at the Antique Road Show. Our own unique one-off teddy bears are all made of mohair for the simple reason to give pleasure for years to come.
For whatever reason you want to buy a teddy bear this Christmas it will be a pleasure for us to help you choose the right one and remember – any teddy bear can be customised ( a little bow, an Irish jumper, a little heart, embroidered initials/names……) to make him only one of its kind and irreplaceable.unique teddy bear