Famous Teddy Bear Brands

Famous Teddy Bear Brands

Famous Teddy Bear Brands. Why are brands so important to our daily life? We do buy branded products all the time. Not just luxuries products but even our daily bread is branded. Why do we buy a particular product over another one? There are lots of reasons, taste, look, feel or identification with the brand value of a certain product.
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How To Care For Your Teddy Bear

How to care for your teddy bear. We want to keep our teddy bears at their best, but not all of us are quite sure what to do. ”Put them in the washing machine” is always the answer we get from the children here at our Teddy Bear Workshops. But should we? Fine for towels and socks, but DEFINALTLY NOT FOR TEDDYBEARS. !!!!!!!
Let's Get Walking

Let's Get Walking

Anyway... did I stick to my resolutions made under the influence of Christmas over indulgence? Eat healthy, loose a few pounds, exercise more, top three resolutions I'd say. Honestly? It's not that easy!
Build Your Easter Bunny County Cavan

Build Your Easter Bunny County Cavan

We invite you and your family, make sure to bring granny and granddad as well, to our traditional Build Your Easter Bunny workshop. This is such a colourful, happy and creative event that all the family likes to enjoy the experience together.
Wedding Bliss at Bear Essentials

Wedding Bliss at Bear Essentials

Happiest event ever held at Bear Essentials. Joan & David's Wedding Day! We felt very honoured to facilitate the beautiful wedding of Joan and David. Both of them wanted a small family wedding celebrating the day together with
Taste of Cavan

Food, Fun, Activities at Taste of Cavan

We are delighted to announce that "Bear Essentials" will be returning to the "Taste of Cavan" this year on the 12th and 13th August 2016
Bear Video Image

Bear Essentials bear featured in TV ad

Long after we had been approached by a researcher for this advertisement, we actually realised that our Bear was in it. Yes we just found out watching the advertisement on TV ourselves.
Cavan School Tour Memories

Cavan School Tour Memories

Louise, Heather and I are waiting at the gates for the school bus to arrive full of excited kids, ready for their school tour experience.

Newborn Baby Gift

That first cry after 9 months of waiting, your beautiful baby has arrived. A baby boy or a girl, a daughter or a son, it really doesn’t matter as long as your baby is fine.
Over 100 Year Old Steiff Bear Restoration

Over 100 Year Old Steiff Bear Restoration

This post should really be called "A beautiful story" or "The…
Build your teddy bear experience

Build Your Bear Experience

Build Your Bear Experience at Bear Essentials Don't I just like…

Help Us To Break Guinness World Record

We need your help! We have been asked by Dr.Helen O’Sullivan-Dwyer…
Steiff British Collector Bear 2015

Steiff British Collector Bear 2015 available Ireland & UK only!

British Collector Bear 2015 from Steiff This beautiful Steiff…

Bear Essentials Teddy Bear Sale January 2015

Our huge Bear Essentials Teddy Bear Sale has started now. As…
Kids Summer Camp Cavan learning Life Skills

How to benefit from the festive season

There is a huge build up to Christmas. Months of preparation,…

National Crafts and Design Fair Dublin 3rd to 7th of December

The National Crafts and Design Fair and Food Hall The National…

Teddy Bear Competition

Teddy Bear Competition ending 25th of November Our question:…

How to choose a Teddy Bear gift?

How to choose a Teddy Bear gift? When customers visiting our…

How Winnie The Pooh looked like before

Here is the story of Winnie the Pooh before he was a yellow Teddy…