New Steiff Bear Dante – What a stunning, growling Teddy Bear

danteThe most important part of any Teddy bear is his mohair. Artisans at Steiff-Schulte are constantly striving to provide us with new fabric choices from which they can make interesting new bears for our collectors around the world.
Dante is a perfect example of Steiff-Schulte’s innovators at work. His unusual green mohair is a work of art within itself. It’s an extremely short pile dyed using an ancient Indonesian “batik” technique. The result is a random pattern that makes each and every bear unique.
But Dante’s mohair is just the beginning of his wonders. He has a classical look, but is yet somehow modern. He bridges the gap between traditional Steiff and today’s artist Teddies. He has a shaved muzzle, sparkling black eyes, antiqued paw pads, loosely jointed head, and hand-stitched nose and claws. Around his neck, he wears a patinated bell on a cord for good luck. And any collector would feel lucky to own this exceptional Steiff Teddy.
Just one available at Bear Essentials online shop.