Puppy Love

Teddy Peters Hospital Letter November 2017

My name is Teddy Peter. I am 34 years old and belong to Stacey, who has probably loved me a little too much! The Family got their first dog the beastly “Bonnie” four years ago, and I have suffered considerably ever since.
Claires Teddy Bear Hospital Letter

Clares Teddy Bear Hospital Letter

Thank you for taking a look at my email. My daughter Anna has never spent a night without “Crumble” since she got him. We appreciate you looking at him and look forward to seeing what you can do. His face is the biggest problem. It is in holes, his nose is unravelling and his stitched mouth came off.

Most traveled Teddy Bear

There are always nice, sometimes emotional stories when an old bear arrives for restoration to our Teddy Bear Hospital. In August 2014 we received this little yellow bear with a letter we like to share with you. "Dear Staff of Teddy Bear Hospital, enclosed please find me - Winnie Pooh Bear.