Charlie Bears still to come in!

We have ordered the whole range of 2010 Charlie Bears which will come in from end of February. We also ordered the new 2011 range and we are looking forward to receive the new 2011 Isabelle Collection.

If you are looking for a specific bear here are some of the names.

Aidan, Ava, Ballantyne, Bently, Bruce, Caitlin, Caleb, Charlie 2011, Chrissie, Cody, Cotton Sox, Dolce, Ellie, George, Grant, Hamish, Kit, Kitty, Kojac, Lita, Malcom, Merlin, Michael, Molly, Naomi, Olly, Parker, Parkin, Philip, Phoenix, Polly, Puddifoot, Quentin, Riley, Ronnie, Seth, Shades, Shreddie, Taomi, Tess, Thumper, Tony, Torquil, Tracy, Trevor, Trixie, William IV, Xena, Yvette, Zak

As soon as the bears come in we will add them to our online shop.