New 2010 Steiff Bears

We like to invite you to preview some of the 2010 limited edition Steiff Teddy Bears.

036477This is Reinhard – the Schulte Patchwork Teddy

For more than a century, the famous fabric mill Schulte has provided Steiff with superior quality mohair, alpaca, and fine woven fabrics for their Teddy bears and animals. After a long and productive relationship, the two companies have now joined forces. Steiff  purchased this legendary fabric mill – now known as “Steiff Schulte.” To celebrate this partnership, Steiff created a special Teddy bear that pays tribute to the creativity and innovation of both companies. It’s a first-of-its-kind patchwork bear that displays a small sampling of the thousands of fabrics that Schulte is able to create. Made from 11 swatches of mohair and alpaca (dense, sparse, new, distressed, straight, curly), each piece of fabric harmonizes beautifully to create an exceptionally appealing Teddy bear with real character. To commemorate this milestone event in the history of the Steiff company  you can  add Reinhard, the Schulte Patchwork Teddy bear to your collection. On available >>>

036217This is Limpy – like Reinhard another first Steiff creation.

“What if,” a Steiff designer wondered, “it was possible to tie-dye mohair, the way you tie-dye a t-shirt? What effect would you achieve?” For the answer, look no further than Limpy, another of Steiff’s designer Teddy bears in the 2010 collection. Steiff Schulte artisans very eagerly accepted the challenge of creating this entirely new type of mohair coloring. The result is another first for Steiff. The tone on tone effect is an ever-changing, swirling mix of brown and blond tones. It makes no two Teddy bears exactly alike! But the mohair isn’t the only unique aspect of this unusual Teddy bear. He’s a completely new face in the Steiff assortment. He has a cream-colored mohair complexion accented by apricot and black airbrushing. His nose is lightly waxed. The insides of his ears are sewn with a longer pile cream mohair to accent his face. The edges of his paw pads are very lightly airbrushed to add extra dimension. With his broad smile and sparkling eyes, he’s a very contented Teddy bear – just waiting to bring some happiness to your collection – and your home. One available>>>