We are surrounded by a Mature Garden

Come and enjoy the  tranquility of our garden. You will find Japanese Maple Trees beside Walnut Trees, Magnolia beside Giant Rhubarb. In the greenhouse, beside the Silver Bear Centre, vine and a nectarine plant are growing. The Citrus House displays lemon, orange, olive and an almond tree. In summer we have vegetables growing in another part of the garden.

Enjoying a cup of tea in the citrus house gives you a little bit of Mediterranean scent and atmosphere.

The garden attracts a lot of wildlife in the summer. Beside birds, butterflies, dragon and damsel flies there are newts, fish and frogs in a small pond. The main house has lodgers of a large family of bats, which you can see flying around on warm summer evenings.

We encourage you to make use of the garden during your stay and hope you enjoy nature as much as we do.