Happiest Event ever held at Bear Essentials.
Joan & David’s Wedding Day!

We felt so very honoured to facilitate the beautiful wedding of Joan and David. Both of them wanted a small family wedding to celebrate the day together with their children, grandchildren and close friends. And this is what it was…very much a family affair creating wonderful memories on a very special day in March 2016.

We are sure that there were lots of preparations going on weeks and days before the wedding, but the day before it all fell into place. Joan’s and David’s Children transformed the Silver Bear Centre into a beautiful space fit for a beautiful wedding. They left very little for us to do.

This was a family with so many talents, so it was no surprise that the groom was also the chef for the day and had prepared a feast of food for everyone’s enjoyment.

Like I said, there was very little for us to do apart from one thing… that we do rather well…making Teddy Bears! Everyone was invited to join in to Build a Bear and creating memories for years to come…

We like to thank Joan and David for trusting in us to help and make their day special. We like to thank the whole family who allowed us to be part of this wonderful occasion.
We very sincerely wish Joan and David many, many years of happiness!