Let's Get Walking

So the longest month in the year is finally behind us… goodbye January.

Anyway… did I stick to my resolutions made under the influence of Christmas over indulgence?

Eat healthy, loose a few pounds, exercise more, top three resolutions I’d say.

Honestly? It’s not that easy!

Now we are in the month of February, I can say that I have kind of stuck to the exercise bit … all because I entered an event. I know that on the 2nd June 2017 I will be doing “The James Mc Manus Memorial Triathlon”. I have become a member of the Cuilcagh Triathlon Club and I now meet up with our club members to run, cycle and swim. Because it’s a club you have a plan. I have met new friends and I feel so much better in myself.

I totally recommend you enter a race/fun run/join a club or just make arrangements to meet a friend for a walk. Get your work life balance right . Have some time for yourself. It’s never easy but you’ll feel so much better and if you can have a natter all the better.

In my opinion it’s the winter months that we comfort eat, and find it harder to get out of bed.  But we are not like all those creatures that slow down and sleep through the winter months. Let’s leave the hibernation to our much loved brown bears.

The evenings are getting brighter and we can walk or run and get ourselves out there. Bring the dog along. If you like to bring a cuddly friend than bring one of our Irish Travel Bears, who have the perfect size for your pocket.

Thank goodness spring is coming. The snowdrops are already surfacing in our playground and the big brown bears are coming out of hibernation. We can look forward to Easter now. One of our favourite season. We love preparing for our Easter Event making Easter Bunnies with families and going for an Easter Egg Hunt.

This year we have the largest collection of Charlie Bear Bunnies available for you online. Have a peep and don’t forget to look after yourself. Happy walking from Louise & Anke

As you probably guessed by now. it’s Louise running the triathlon, I am still walking the dog…