Mohair the precious fabric of our handmade Irish Mohair Bears.


The word “mohair” is derived from the Arabian word “Muhayar” and means “fabric of goat hair”. Mohair is the hair from the Angora Goat. There is no relation to the Angora Rabbit which has very fine and soft hair. The Angora Goat is one of the most precious goat breeds. To thrive and develop, the Angora Goat needs the right climatic circumstances, which are not to hot during summer and not to cold during wintertime. These ideal conditions are found in South Africa, Turkey and Texas USA.


The fleece of the Angora Goat is off-white in colour and the mohair is gathered by clipping the long hair. It is also curly and shiny and ideal for weaving. By the time it comes to us to use for our teddy bears, the mohair has been woven into a cotton backing and dyed into beautiful colours.


We buy our mohair in all kind of different piles, sparse, dense, curly, very short or extreme long in length.This gives our bears, especially our hairy bears their unique appearance and own personality.
Mohair has the qualification of being extremely strong and almost wear free. Its appearance, silk softness and its beautiful shine presents us with one of the most precious fabrics that nature has on offer.
Mohair is the fabric we use to make our one off Irish collector bears so that you can enjoy your bear for a very long time. Collector Teddy Bears are an heirloom and mohair makes it possible for our bears to be still around for the next generation to come.