How to make a jointed teddy bear…

These Instructions suit simple bear making kits and are general instructions that you can apply to your own templates – please contact us if you need help!

Copy the pattern parts onto the reverse of the fabric. Align the direction of the pile of the fabric with the arrows on the pattern parts; don’t forget to copy the pattern symbols onto the fabric (the turning point dots for the arms and legs, and filling openings). Cut out the parts – a seam of 0.5cm is already included in most pattern.

Sew the two side parts of the head together from A to B inside out; then sew the middle piece of the head between the two side parts starting with the nose side. Turn the head inside out and stuff it firmly. Baste with a strong thread round the opening of the neck. Put the head disc inside the head against the stuffing (with the cotter-pin pointing to the outside); pull the thread and the neck opening will close over the disc, leaving the cotter-pin visible. Connect the thread firmly to the fabric.

Put the ear parts with the pile sides together and sew them up leaving the bottom side open; then turn them inside out and sew up the bottom side (don’t stuff them). Sew on the head.

Put the two leg parts with the pile sides together and sew them up, leaving the filling opening open. Leave the foot sole open too. Put the foot sole into the opening and close it with fine hand stitching. Turn the leg inside out through the filling opening.

Sew the hand-palm onto the inner-arm. These are the only two parts you have to add a 0.5cm seam to. Sew the outer arm and inner arm with the pile sides together, leaving the filling opening open. Then turn the arm inside out.

Cut the Vs out of the upper and bottom sides of the body parts. Sew them together to form the rounded body shape.   Put the two body parts inside out together and sew them up leaving the filling opening open. Turn it inside out through the filling opening.

You will need: 5 cotter pins, 10 washers, 10 discs (6 large and 4 small). The six larger ones are used for the head and legs and the 4 smaller ones are used for the arms.
Put 1 washer and 1 disc on the cotter pin. Sew the disc in the head against the stuffing material. Only the cotter pin is pointing out of the head now. Make a little hole on top of the body in the fabric. Put the cotter-pin of the head through the body. Through the stuffing opening of the body, first put a disc, then a washer onto the cotter-pin then open the 2 legs of the cotter-pin. With a pair of tongs roll them on until the head is firmly connected to the body.
Use the same method to connect the arms and legs onto the body.

Now stuff the arms, legs and body firmly and close the filling openings with a ladder stitch. Use a needle to free trapped pile out of the seam.
Pull in the eyes with a strong thread in the head (neck direction) and connect to the fabric.

Embroider a nice nose onto the head.

Give your finished hand-made bear a good brush.