There are so many books written about teddy bears so where do I start?

May be with my own love for real bears, bears who are strong and powerful creatures but also look so soft and cuddly. In many cultures bears are regarded as a source of great wisdom and intelligence. There was a strong connection to reality in the German design of the early teddy bears and this resemblance to real bears remained a feature far longer than in other countries. On most of my own one off limited edition bears you still find a little hump which we like to call hump of the Spirit Bear, a white Black Bear who is native to the rainforest of British Columbia.

So when did the teddy bear craze start?

From 1902 to the outbreak of the First World War in 1914 the development of the classic, also called traditional (jointed) teddy bear went on in Germany and the United States.
I know what you might be thinking. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I have one of these early teddy bear creations up in my attic? Those bears are now the most prized and valuable teddy bears to collectors and dealers alike.

No reference to the teddy bear would be complied without mentioning Margaret Steiff and her nephew Richard Steiff, the founder of the German toy manufacturing establishment and the inventor of the first jointed teddy bear.
Over on the other site of the Atlantic the extraordinary success of the teddy bear toy was claimed to be his name. Like many of you know the teddy bear got his name after Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States, whose nickname was teddy and he didn’t mind it been used for the new universal toy that was going to be the teddy bear. In those early years teddy bear companies in the UK, France, Ireland and other countries responded enthusiastically to the bear mania in the States and Germany. If you search the Internet you can find lots of company names who are still in business today.

But there are not just successful teddy bear companies but also hundreds of highly talented Artists bear designers, female and male alike, who have taken the traditional teddy bear design to a different level of creativity, creating all kinds of wacky and wonderful bruins.

My own designs are more classically traditional and distinctively collectible because of the uniqueness limited edition of just one bear.
Every teddy bear has a different significance to us as a teddy bear lover (Arctophile). He can hold a lot of memory and you like to keep him alive as long as possible see also teddy bear hospital. You might purchase him for reasons of his collectible value see Titanic bear or just for an romantic ocean.

After all we think that the teddy bear is a universal toy/collector’s item that fascinates male and female alike and appeals to any age group.
Teddy bears have an indefinite psychological value especially for children. Teddy and his qualities as an undivided listener can share secrets, fear, frustration and joy and provides instant comfort at all times. This is one of the reasons why we as adults have so many sentimental memories linked with our teddy.

We think that the teddy bear has a lot of characteristics and qualities like a real friend, the most important one he is our lifelong companion.